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The Orchestra Filarmonica di Tivoli and the Nonprofit Association that regulate its activities are born in May 2011 by the desire of some friends to realize a stable classical music ensemble,  to give the opportunity to experience the highly formative artistic journey in a real orchestra.

This group, currently composed of about 40 elements, is made up of many young people and is already well-knit and able to count on some years of shared orchestral experiences. This reality is complemented by the presence of students from the Conservatory, professionals and people coming  from different musical experiences, who feel the desire to play in a reality such as this for the sole purpose of sharing the passion for Music. The repertoire of the Orchestra includes  music from Baroque to Late-Romantic, to the soundtrack, plus compositions for choir and orchestra.

The activities, totally free, take place under the supervision of the President, Loris Di Domenicantonio, Artistic and Music Director, Maestro Francesco Romanzi and Deputy Artistic Director, Master Giuseppe Campanale. The Tivoli Philharmonic Association is pleased to include the famous writer Andrea Camilleri and the Bard Italo Nonne, our great friend, as honorary members. They represent a valuable reference point for carrying out our cultural activities.

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