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Tivoli Philharmonic in concert inside the Rocca Pia after decades of closing

The Tivoli Philharmonic Orchestra is honored to announce that the traditional Commemorative Concert, organized by the City of Tivoli in the 74th Anniversary of the Bombardment of the city of Tivoli, will be held in the magnificent scenery of the internal courtyard of the Rocca Pia.

The fortress, recently returned to the city, will host this event after a long closing period which lasted for decades and will represent a preview of the next re-opening to the public of the monument, symbol of Tivoli.

The event takes place with the support of the Europe-Music Association.

PROGRAM (click here to download)

1. G. Bizet – Carmen Suite n. 1
    Prelude - Aragonaise - Intermezzo
2. J. Rodrigo – Concierto de Aranjuez per tromba
   Trumpet soloist: Gianluca Tiso
3. M. Frisina – Magnificat
4. K. Jenkins – Palladio – I mov.
   Violin Soloists: Alessandro Mingrone, Daniele Molino
5. A. Piazzolla – Adios Noniño
6. A. Piazzolla – Oblivion
7. N. Piovani – Tema da “La vita è bella”
8. J. Williams – Tema da “Schindler's list”
   Violin Soloist: Alessandro Mingrone
9. E. Morricone – Tema da “Canone inverso”
Violin Soloists: Alessandro Mingrone, Irene Di Domenicantonio




The war events of 1943 - 1944 in Tivoli

In 1943 the population of Tivoli was directly involved in the war actions. After the German occupation of the 8 September armistice, numerous air raids by the allies took place, as of December 9, 1943.
Bombardments, break-ups and strafe on the city and the municipal territory followed for months, especially on January 20 and February 24, 1944, culminating in the fatal morning of May 26, 1944, in two close missions that caused 325 deaths, many injured, and destruction of a large portion of the historic center.
In the following days, other air raids and cannonades of the Allies approaching the city caused further casualties and damage. To all this was added, especially on June 6, 1944, the killing by German soldiers in retreat of civilians who had taken refuge in the Tiburtine campaigns after the bombings of May 26. Lastly, on 7 June, the allied troops entered an exhausted and practically deserted Tivoli.
The war events of December 1943-June 1944 caused, according to an official statistic of the Municipality dating back to 1955, well over 400 civilian victims.


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