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Ten Years of Philharmonic

Ten years ago, on May 13, 2011, the Tivoli Philharmonic was born.
Those were years of friendships, before music. Beautiful people, inside and outside the orchestra, who, by sharing the importance of this project with the sensitivity of those who look beyond, have contributed to creating a reality of which we should all be proud.
We felt that investing energy in a healthy and creative activity like music was simply a great thing for us and for our children to do. In fact, we have always kept in mind the propaedeutic function of the orchestra, a metaphor for collaboration, where we listen to each other and where we interact to obtain a result. In short, banally, together.
Regarding the result, we tried to do our best and we will try to improve even more, but your support has been and will be the most explosive fuel for our enthusiasm.
The pandemic has forced us to take a prolonged break and we will resume as soon as conditions allow, but we are already working to start again.

With the same group, but with new impetus, for other years of music and friendship.

Thanks to those who believed in this project and best wishes to all of us.


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