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Together for the Auditorium

PROJECT "TOGETHER FOR THE AUDITORIUM" In May 2017, some Tivoli’s Musical Associations, have self-advocated and found a shared common denominator on the following topics of fundamental importance to the culture of our city:     

  1. The need to safeguard, encourage, support, promote and evaluate the musical (concertist, choir and instrumental) realities present and operating in Tivoli;     
  2. To become, together with each other (while remaining independent of each other and carrying out their activity), a Tivoli’s cultural resource to contribute to the growth of the quality of socio-cultural life and to support and promote the promotion of tourism and Brand Tivoli , Artistically marking each and every year of the year and self-regulation to avoid the simultaneity of individual events;    
  3.  To plan concerts, singles and joint, for each of the various traditional containers .    
  4.  Promote, propose and support the realization of an Auditorium at Tivoli.  

 The initial group is composed of the following realities: Orchestra Filarmonica di Tivoli, Orchestra  Ghironda, F. Mannelli Choir, Centro Diffusione Musica and Associazione Amici della Musica. The partnership is obviously open to anyone who intends to share the values ​​and goals that animate this project without foreclosure and will not replace or even overlap the established procedures of the Administration offices in Tivoli. In fact it intends to work with the city administration, creating a "group" of reality that acts in agreement and in collaboration. We also know that raising the need for an Auditorium at Tivoli is not an original idea, but despite the many appeals that have taken place over time, nothing has changed and for our concerts we are still forced to rely , in most cases, to the Churches that are kindly made available to us.

 We believe that the Auditorium in a city like Tivoli is a theme that needs to be taken into account with great force in order to provide an adequate space for those who are involved  with culture in general and not only music. This partnership arises for this and hopes that the City Administration will address the issue to find a shared solution. For this purpose, the "Together for the Auditorium" project was officially presented to the Municipal Administration, asking in concrete terms, that the Teatro Italia should be recovered and returned to the city or the amking of  a new Auditorium should be considered .

Tivoli, June 28, 2017

 Coordination: Loris Di Domenicantonio - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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