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What is the Filarmonica di Tivoli?

The Tivoli Philharmonic is an amateur orchestra, mostly composed of amateur musicians: "unpaid, but professional". Our group is composed mostly of amateur, but also Conservatory students or private studies and professional musicians.

 I like music, but I'm no longer a kid. Can I come the same?

Certainly. The Tivoli Philharmonic is not a youth orchestra, but an amateur orchestra. For us, music is a universal language that crosses and joins generations. Our musicians are between the ages of 14 and 75 (but we are obviously available to accommodate younger or more mature instrumentalists)  

What is the commitment to be a member of the Filarmonica di Tivoli?

The tests will take place on Mondays in Tivoli from 19.30 to 21.30. Exceptionally Thursday, same time.

I love playing, but I'm a beginner.

You are free to simplify yourself and / or to request, for free, that you have written a simplified ad hoc part. In addition, playing in orchestra will help you greatly increase the control of your instrument.

How much does it cost to play with the Filarmonica di Tivoli?

Virtually nothing. At present, the only contribution requested is about 15 (fifteen) euros per year for insurance coverage. The Tivoli Philharmonic is a non-profit association, the spirit that animates the participant is to share music with others. We understand the needs of other orchestras who ask for a "fee" to pay the rehearsal room or  the director. We currently do not have any expenses, so we do not ask for anything.

Will I be paid?

No. In the Tivoli Philharmonic nobody is paid. Everyone lends their own work, in its own way, to pure love for music and group spirit.

The need, in case of specific and temporary occasions, of "external" professionals, is obviously regulated according to the laws and regulations in force for what concerns emoluments

In case, where possible, a fee reimbursement can be provided at concerts.

Who conducts the orchestra?

The orchestra is directed by M ° Francesco Romanzi.

What kind of repertoire does it play?

Our repertoire ranges from Baroque to post-Romantic, from the soundtracks to compositions for choir and orchestra

Who chooses the pieces to play?

The artistic direction is composed by M ° Francesco Romanzi and his deputy, M ° Giuseppe Campanale, who decide the repertoire in agreement  with the first violin, also taking into account the various requests of the orchestras.

Can I do the solo?

Yes. To be solo in one or more concerts of the Tivoli Philharmonic only two requirements are required:

  1. Having studied the solo part (N.B. does not necessarily have to be a virtuoso, there are many solo parts affordable even by neophytes)
  2. Be constant in the rehearsals and ensure attendance at the concert.
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