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The Orchestra is a fascinating world, where every component plays its own instrument, but where everyone contributes to the achievement of the final result. This is done by trying to give each one the best of oneself, always listening of others, as a form of "dialogue", without prevarication; all coordinated by the Director.


This "group" concept represents a metaphor of our daily life that makes the orchestral experience highly educative from a personal and a musical point of view. Said that, our repertoire, ranging from Baroque to Post-Romance, from the soundtracks to compositions for choir and orchestra, can be a valid moment of musical growth, offering the possibility to those who did not choose the music as a profession, to experience the orchestral experience in a relaxed environment, often side by side with a valid professional.

If you want to be part of our Orchestra, where fun, growth and professionalism create a truly special mix, send an email (click here) indicating your phone number and experience in the music field. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Attention: due to the amateur nature of our reality, there are no fees for participants in orchestral activities, as there is no membership or participation contribution: in the Tivoli Philharmonic the playing is for free.

There is only the small contribution from each individual musician to the Civil Responsibility insurance and accidents (15 € / year).

Right now we are looking for musicians for the following parts: Violin First, Second Violin, Purple, Bass, Faith Horn, Oboe, Bassoon, Percussion.

Rehearsals take place on Monday (and exceptionally Thursday) from 19.30 to 21.30 in Tivoli.

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